Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm Chuffed

MB watched all the business & politics programs this morning on the ABC in order to gloat over the scuttling of the Snowy Hydro sale. Another fact MB has only just gleaned was that the Snowy Hydro sale was going to inject over a billion dollars into this year's NSW state budget, their last one before the next NSW State elections. Would it be cynical of MB to suppose the current NSW Govt. had a very compelling and much shorter term agenda? John Dalla Bosca has the to be the spinmeister extraordinaire, when he was interviewed this morning he managed to duck and weave his way out of any meaningful answers to the interviewer's questions.
On another note Matthew Slatter from Tabcorp could really use a personal stylist, that pinstripe suit with the striped tie was not a good look.

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