Friday, April 14, 2006

Feel the Serenity

Thanks Blues for the nudge. The MB family escaped the heat and humidity of NQ last week for some rural therapy in Northern Victoria at PB's country club retreat in Numurkah. Lots of golf, wine, touring and gourmet & not-so-gourmet eating. Yesterday it was roast chook from the Chicken Ranch in downtown Numurkah, the day before it was seared lamb fillet served pink at Oscar W's in Echuca.
MDR was getting a bit edgy in landlocked Numurkah but a day trip to Echuca solved his boat withdrawal symptoms, a trip on a Murray River paddlesteamer perked him up. He was ecstatic when he was served XXXX Gold on tap at Oscar W's. Incidentally MDR keeps pronouncing Echuca "Yu-chewka", oh well can't be perfect at everything.
Pictured is a spectacular skeleton of a gum tree seen at the Kinnaird Wetlands, on the outskirts of Numurkah, MDR & MB were hoping to do some bird spotting but the wetlands were as dry as toast, another victim of the drought no doubt (nice rhyme there).
We head back in the family truckster to the big smoke in Melbourne on Good Friday, MB can't wait to have some fat, juicy scallops which are impossible to get up North, maybe a little shopping too. The boys are looking forward to Coffin Bay oysters which apparently can be found at the Prahran Markets, a few blocks from where we'll be staying. We're not obsessed with food are we?


blues buffett said...

When in Melbourne for work, my colleagues and I stay in South Yarra. If we're lucky - and the budget hasn't been blown - we'll eat at The Botanical. A little pricey, although worth a treat :

Enjoy your stay. I have lived in both Melbourne and Sydney : love the footy, eateries, shops - hate the weather 8/12 of the year. You know what they say about Melbourne : if you don't like the weather, wait an hour and see if you like the next lot.

MB said...

Didn't make it to The Botanical, but it's definitely on the agenda for next year's Comedy Festival trip. We had very "Melbourne" weather, raining most of the time!