Monday, August 07, 2006

O M G the Eggplant Exploded

Had an overload of home grown eggplant (not from the writer's garden alas) so MB decided to roast them tonight while dinner was cooking and make a baba ghanoush tomorrow. Egyptian best friend has the world's best baba recipe. As the MB family were savouring son's lime & rosemary pork loin chops with fresh tablelands' potato mash there was a loud explosion from the direction of the kitchen, MB ran out to investigate and found epgplant "shrapnel" all through the oven, it actually looked like huge, dripping globules of snot! Truly revolting. Son of MB took a photo but MB doesn't even want to go there.
Luckily two eggplants were still complete, so the baba will still be on tomorrow, albiet a smaller quantity.


blues buffett said...

"Oh Oh Au bergene
Oh what you might have been
But my hopes for you eroded
As I watched while you exploded
Throughout an oven so unclean"

In our (mainly) vego household, this would have been a disaster. No meat on standby.We tend to slice and use them in ratatoullie etc.
Thanks for the Prahran Tip. Think I'll stick to South Yarra...

ps: a little concerned about Blogger's word verification; how random is this?

Paul said...

Holy exploding eggplants batman!

paulska said...

we demand the photo evidence

MB said...

If you can write a limerick too the photo evidence will be published.