Monday, September 11, 2006

Let them eat Spinach

Monday saw the departure of the MB family from Charters Towers, MDR was pushing everyone along in the morning, much to MB's disgruntlement. The girls managed to get in half an hour's shopping before being hustled back to the car for the return journey to Cairns.
Lunch was just south of Ingham, at one of those roadside rest stops. This one was adjacent to a farm with two very friendly ponys, who watched as the MB family made and ate salad rolls for lunch.
This equine pair's patience was rewarded when MB and Cindy (Son of MB's girlfriend) fed the remainder of the salad spinach to them, which was gobbled up with lots of lip smacking. This was so much fun more treats were offered, two fermenting mandarines and an old baby's rusk which the horses made short of work of as well.


Paul said...

Wow, you have a girlfriend? (son of MB's girlfriend) perhaps that should be transposed?

blues buffett said...

yes, grammar and punctuation go hand in hand, sometimes with pedantry, but in this case (Paul's) also with common sense!
I didn't want to add a comment, because - as Seinfeld said - "not that there's anything wrong with that" but since Paul has opened the can, out come the worms.
Lots of lovely examples of English mix ups eg "what is this thing called, love?" where a comma can make all the difference.
Still, I think Qld politicians can use the best language in the english-speaking world, and still not make sense.I guess Joh set the standard some time ago.

MB said...

Well at least I got some comments, perhaps I should do more posts when I'm really tired.