Monday, October 30, 2006

Loud Failure

MB received her new super silent power supply during the week and proceeded with immediate installation, which was very straightforward. Once the PC was re-assembled it was switched on and yes it is extremely quiet, however after about 3 minutes the CPU fan started up. MB has now discovered the CPU fan is the main culprit, it can be heard quite clearly even in other rooms. More Googling has turned up some quiet fans which are quite reasonably priced, under $30. However MB has to open the case again to measure the existing fan, for which she is awaiting some more motivation. MB hears the dual core processors don't require cooling devices as they don' t heat up as much, is this a good enough excuse to upgrade?


Anonymous said...

I've heard water cooling is actually one of the best ways to keep a PC quiet...can do your videocard and cpu I think.

MB said...

Cooper, Thank you! Feel free to drop in and fix it for me. BTW I'm enjoying your China trip posts.

Paul said...

How about sticking the CPU box in the freezer - this sounds more logical than dousing it with water as Cooper suggested