Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beach Shack - Macham Manor

Went down to Bramston Beach last Saturday for lunch with Hana at her friends' beach shack (friends live in Switzerland). Hana was down there doing some maintenance, including tiling a bathroom, she is a pretty handy lady to have around.
Bramston Beach is only an hour south of Cairns and another world away. Mobile phones (including Telstra) don't even work there.
It was a picture perfect day with loads of Birdwing and Ulysses butterflies showing off. An ideal day for a lazy lunch on the verandah.
MB was so enthused she made a website for the Holiday Shack as the owners are keen to get more holiday rentals, check it out at


Annie and Steve said...

Checked out the web page looks really good. Thought maybe Bramston a little too far from the action though. Great I suppose if you don't need any.

MB said...

Getting away from "the action" is the attraction