Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Veronica Loop Track, Mt Taranaki

As you can see in the photo, MB & MDR managed to do a walk on Mt Taranaki. The pair opted for the 2 hour Veronica Loop track from the North Egmont Visitor Centre in the Egmont National Park. They also detoured to a lookout a bit higher up and met some locals who showed them a better lookout site further up - this is where the photo of the pair was taken.
The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect with not a cloud in the sky to block the view of the cone. The walking tracks are excellent, albeit lots of steps and the National Park is only an easy 30klm from New Plymouth. MB is looking forward to returning some day to tackle some more tracks.
On the way back to NP the duo visited Lake Mangamahoe and were surrounded by a posse of hungry ducks, quacking for some food (shades of the "Penang Botanical Gardens Monkey Incident"). The not so shy ducks really enjoyed the sesame crackers MB & MDR shared with them.
This was also another good spot for yet another photo opportunity...

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Annie and Steve said...

At least ducks don't bare their teeth at you like those mad monkeys and run like mad.