Saturday, March 07, 2009

British Tories on Fire

This would be perfect for the current Queensland state elections, much more entertaining than watching a bunch of mediocre candidates from both sides of the political spectrum pork barreling their way around the state:

"In his speech to Congress, Gordon Brown yet again bottled out of saying sorry for taking Britain to the brink of bankruptcy. So we have set up where you can write an apology note from Gordon Brown and send it on to everyone you think the Prime Minister should say sorry to. Jeremy Hunt, our Spokesman for Online Campaigning, said, "If Gordon Brown is struggling to spit the words out, hopefully our online viral will give him a few ideas."

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blues buffett said...

No dengue fever? Probably Springborg fever - much worse. Watch out for symptoms of Rivers of Gold and budget efficiencies. Oh and cries of "GFC what's a GFC?"

I reckon he's more dangerous than Hamish.