Thursday, December 24, 2009

Festivus, it's all going to fall into a big heap

This was the response from MDR when I asked him for a quote about the MB family's preparedness for Xmas Day. MDR then made MB repeat the mantra "Be nice to everybody, no matter how much they're annoying you!" MB, being the glass half full partner, is feeling rather smug, she's never been so ready for a Christmas day lunch. She's already made the Breton style crepes for the smoked salmon and creme fraiche appetisers, the potatoes are cooked and ready to roast (nothing like a twice cooked spud). The pudding is cooked and the egg custard is nicely chilled down in the fridge. A few non-drinkers will be in attendance tomorrow so a big pot of tea has just been made to put together a festive fruit punch. A first for MB this year is the making of a home made cranberry sauce from frozen cranberry fruit, MB has just consulted Margaret Fulton's excellent Christmas cookbook and found a suitable and fairly easy recipe.
The grand-kids will be over in the morning to tear into their presents, little LJ (3yrs) has asked Santa for an ambulance, he seems to be past the garbage truck phase now.
Oh for such simple pleasures, enjoy your Christmas Day


blues buffett said...

Well the garbos managed to wake us all up at 6am, which is strange; normally YD is awake very early!

None of your culinary delights for us today, however also no catering - we did that last weekend, so now it's our turn to be guests. I'll drink to that.

Merry Christmas!!!

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