Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pho First House Vietnamese Genuine Cuisine

MB happened upon a new Vietnamese restaurant today in Cairns' city. She was visiting the excellent Green House next door for a spot of gift shopping and it transpires that Pho First House Vietnamese Genuine Cuisine (PFHVGC) has been open for about a week and a half.  MB asked Green House lady if she'd been, but alas she's a vegan so unable.
Cairns has been crying out for decent Vietnamese food for years so hopefully this new spot will fill that need.  
There is a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant in Aplin St that MDR & MB visited once, the so-called Vietnamese dishes were dreadful so haven't been back.
MB did drop in to the PFHVGC and picked up a menu, not off to a great start with such a mouthful of name and the menu is pretty basic.  However if they can deliver on super fresh, genuine Vietnamese cuisine MB will forgive them anything.


Paul said...

Can't believe you didn't have a quick bowl of Pho. You've left us hanging.

MB said...

Yeah, I was dying to sample some Pho & cold rice paper rolls but I'd just eaten lunch not 10mins beforehand.
Never fear a review is imminent.