Sunday, February 12, 2006

Keeping Focussed

Stop Press: MB has finally bought herself an MP3 player.
After extensive market research (and not getting suckered into buying one of those cute looking Ipods) she settled on a Creative 256mb with an FM radio. It's so tiny and can hold more than enough data, truly amazing.
The reason for this purchase is to have something other than the Gym's techno music to listen to while on the X-Trainer and the climbing torture machine that the Gym Maestro has directed MB to work on.
Now MB can download interesting podcasts and listen to them at her leisure, or rather during the monotonous workouts on those damn machines.


Sebastian said...

So, how many kilos are you doing on the leg press now?
Better get back to my boring German homework...

blues buffett said...

Of course you could also store 4 Skyhooks LPs on there : Living In The 79s. Ego..., Straight...., Guilty... (but NOT Hot For THe Orient!!)

MB said...

Hey Blues, Good suggestion re Skyhooks but I have to confess I don't own even one of their albums! I will have to coerce my son to download some Skyhooks from the ether.
Have you been watching Rock Kwiz and/or Spicks & Spicks? They look like the two lowest budget programs on TV but they are really entertaining. I love it when the old rockers appear on Spicks & Specks and spin some nostalgic yarns.

paulska said...

don't coerce your son into illegal activity