Tuesday, February 21, 2006

North African Travel Plans

MB was rather alarmed to read that the Italian Embassy in Libya was torched by protestors on the pretext that they were upset by those Danish cartoons.
Libya & Tunisia are on the itinerary of the study tour MB was hoping to take later this year. One of the best preserved Roman cities, Leptis Magna, is located on Mediterranean coast of Libya.
MB did a blog search of Leptis Magna and found some great blog posts from bloggers who had visited this amazing site, there are also loads of excellent photos on Flickr. One can certainly travel vicariously using the 'net.
So the jury is still out on whether or not to go....


blues buffett said...

Sorry, a little tardy in not picking up your response. Spics N Specs is a real family favourite. Even ED (18) likes it, so it passes the test of Cool apparently. Tony Sheldon tonight was great : thought he was terrific as Roger DeBris in The Producers.
Hamish Blake has the cool factor for teenagers, and is funny. His granny being in the audience last year was a classic.

velten said...

Once in North Africa you have to travel south. And take lots of time with you.

paulska said...

lets quit the africa part and go to italy and norway