Monday, June 12, 2006

Border Security

Balmy tropical winter days in the deep North mean lots of walking for MB and her hirsute hound, Holly dog. The other half, MDR, accompanied the duo today on a jaunt through the very scenic neighbourhood rainforest reserve, which happens to be a mosquito infested flood plain during the wet season. MDR noted the annual influx of Southern visitors, in particular, motor vehicles with "Mexican" number-plates. This provoked some rather xenophobic comments from him and in the ensuing debate it was decided that the Queensland borders should be manned by security officers who would administer questionnaires to intending visitors. Visitors would have to satisfy the Queensland authorities with their knowledge of Rugby League, Cane Toads, Beer, Bjelke-Petersen and Qantas before being given permission to enter the Smart State. One can imagine the border being choked with mobs of cold mexicans queueing for days to get through.

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