Monday, June 12, 2006

CUBs Reunion in Sydney

Son of MB has decided the extended and far flung family should meet up in Sydney this Christmas. Sydney really is the most wonderful city with the best summer weather in Australia by far. The hunt is now on for a nice big holiday shack somewhere on the North Shore. Here's hoping we'll pass the NSW border security questionnaire. Wonder what the questions will be? Maybe we could grease the palms of a corrupt and greedy border security functionary?


velten said...

Ive been on here for the last 20 minutes at least. Just love it. And the pics of Grandson are great to. And Corinne is the spitting image of you. Fantastic all your articals and getting better not so much news of dogs...dogs Ounooi is missing the walks rubs etc.
We are now living in our dolls house and its getting comfortable. when are yoy 2/3 coming for a visit? mum is getting their but exhausted. Did you get hold of her, should go and visit she would love that. anyway a big hug from us all and ounooi woof and lick

blues buffett said...

Well now you are finally coming to your senses!
Sydney at Christmas is most definitely the place to be. Obviously you'll be queuing at Pyrmont Fishmarkets early Christmas morning.
Naturally money is no barrier if you are indeed seeking digs on the North Shore. Is this because of its relative proximity to the beaches? Or where PLU live? (no bling bling here).
If requiring vast tracts of land (think Monty Python Holy Grail) for relos to feel spacious in, I must recommend The Hills district (blushes with self-importance), particularly Dural or Glenhaven, notable for their 5 acre allotments.If money truly poses no problem, then a sojourn at a Waroonga mansion would appear in order. Hardly high maintainance, just make sure the flag is unfurled each morning.
We Sydneysiders even have our own philosophy:
Cogito sumere potum alterum

Happy house hunting!

MB said...

After watching The Chaser on Fri. nite, the MB family are hoping to be located near PLU in the vicinity of the new house of worship on Military Road, you know the one the guys from The Chaser were proposing to build.
I think the Sydneysiders' philosphy has been embraced Australia-wide, I'm surprised it hasn't been enshrined in the Constitution.