Thursday, November 09, 2006

First Daughter's Birthday

FD celebrated her birthday yesterday with a mandatory meal at Donnini's. We weren't disappointed either, we all enjoyed a superb lunch. Not dinner as a little too late for the little prince to go out.
TCO got her a birthday card illustrated with Miss Bossy on the front, his message inside was "you can have anything you want today except the password to my computer", when she read this she laughed and confirmed she was going to raise that topic again at lunch!
FD's planned night out clubbing didn't eventuate, maybe next year?


blues buffett said...

Password protection?
How about my 19 y/o daughter insisting on us giving her our house alarm PIN so she can come and go as she pleases when we're not here and she may decide to stay over.
Her argument? "well you know ours!"
I counter "yes, becasue I set it up 12 years ago and your mother hasn't yet changed it!!!"
(rave ends quietly...)

blues buffett said...

Hey Marcia
Once I get a Garmin, you'll know it's time for the straitjacket.
I think a good rule of thumb is: do I spend more time thinking about and planning running than I do actual running?
If yes, go directly for treatment.
As impressive as they are, and as fascinating to look at as they may be, I feel that
a. I don't need to get a feeling of "in these footsteps I have walked" (since they'd be mine)
b. I can think of many ways to spend $300 better
c. I'd probably spend most of the run looking at the Garmin
If you ever jump onto and read about Garmins (Trade Name, I might add), you'll see most of the owners have given theirs names. Does that alert you to anything?...

MB said...

Hmmm, I have to admit I'm besotted with our GPS and I've named her "Darlene". I am always so impressed when she guides us to our destination, without anxiety, attitude nor tension. I'm very careful to voice my gratitude, "Thanks Darl" each time.

blues buffett said...

I get the usefulness of a Garmin for travel - handy indeed.
I can't logically transfer that same usefulness into running.
If one needs one in the same way, then one is presumably lost and therefore a little foolhardy.
I suggest all runners know where they are running, and instead use their Garmin buddy as a toy. Hence my original comment.
I'm sure though, that Garmin's would prove useful for my work colleagues when embarking on an arduous evening's entertainment. In The Old Days, the same effect would have been achieved by writing one's home address on one's hand in texta, and summoning a friendly cabbie...