Thursday, November 16, 2006

Vale Holly Doggie

The MB family lost their faithful, beloved pooch this week, on Monday 13 November to be precise. Holly entertained, exasperated and looked out for the MB family for nigh on fifteen years. MB is thankful Holly passed away peacefully, due to old age, and did not suffer greatly, in fact she was her usual self more or less right up until the end. Mr MB found her a nice spot in the backyard, under the avocado tree, he's going to carve her name into the avocado trunk. Needless to say the Holly dog is going to be missed in a big way.


Corinne said...

Holly saved the family home from numerous snakes with a stand off, Holly barking and the snakes in attack mode hissing, alerting the household, she even saved first daughters puppies from a snake while on vacation and no one was home.

Tony, Deb & Boh said...

Holly was such a wonderful girl
A gem of companionship
Powder Puff Extraordinaire
But no pushover either!
May her doggy soul rest in clouds of bones
Smelly treats and infinite tummy rubs for all time
She will always be remembered fondly
Tony, Deb & Boh xox

Paul said...

That's so sad!Grace and I both shed a tear for Holly, a loyal and trusted friend - we're both going to miss her.