Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Colleagues Only

MB's other half, MDR, is commuting to Brisvegas every two weeks or so to supervise a rather large project. He is spending more and more time there so his employer has rented a 2 bedroom apartment in a holiday rental complex for use by MDR and any other staff travelling to Brisbane.
MDR moved in recently and the next day another colleague, Gary, travelled down. Being newly arrived they had to pop out for some supplies and when both colleagues returned to the apartment laden with shopping bags, their neighbour who happened by introduced herself and MDR's first line to the neighbour was "We're Not a Couple!"
MB can just imagine the neighbour cynically thinking "Sure, sure, why be so defensive about it." Whenever MDR & MB see same sex couples in holiday precincts this is honestly the first thing they both think.
PS Just love Blues' comment about regurgitating the MB family, had all of the MBs chuckling merrily away. MB wishes she could be half as witty as him.

1 comment:

blues buffett said...

"not that there's anything wrong with that"

Me thinketh he protesteth too much...

Must say I'd probably adopt the same approach: drop the voice a few octaves, add in a few "g'day mate"s
and perhaps adjust the tackle in the stubbies.
Anything to sound like Barry McKenzie...