Monday, March 26, 2007

Siege Central

MB had a close shave at lunchtime today in the Cairns CBD. At midday she went to a shop in the city mall which is 2 blocks from the office, on the way back she stopped in at Beethoven's in Grafton St for an air dried beef sandwich on rye (best in town).
The street at this stage was blocked off with Police stationed at each intersection, then some ambulances turned up, then more police arrived and started barricading part of the street. A staffmember at Beethoven's told MB there was siege happening over the road.
Just before 1pm MB returned to work, just at the end of the block, but had to walk a long way around as the street was blocked. Not long after this police were fanning out even further and wouldn't allow us to even leave our offices. Two of our staff members at lunch couldn't return so ended up going home.
The guys in the office heard a gunshot while I was out but I missed that. Turned out to be a disgruntled constitutent bailing up a defenceless female staffmember at the Member for Cook's office, the MP happened to be away. The poor woman, must have been unimaginably terrifying for her. The siege lasted approximately 3 hours with the DC giving himself up quietly to the Police.


blues buffett said...

Goodness me - I saw the article on SMH - thought Jason O'Brien needed to reach out more, like Cr Blake.

Well done on the birthday cake. I'd like to place an order for May please. I need a Barbie one for a 7 year old.
A shame the rules for the party games were approved by Joe Hockey.

MB said...

....yeah none of that collective stuff, it's law of the jungle in the deep north....