Thursday, May 08, 2008

First Class at La Scuola Italiana di Cucina

Four hopeful students turned up for Daniele's class on Tuesday night. First lesson was how to make that perennial favourite, Tirami Su. Ill Maestro's (Daniele) version is very rich and actually easier than the one MB learnt years ago from her Italian language teacher. Tirami Su actually means pick me up and it's not pronounced Tira Misu.
Next up was Bruschetta, then Pasta Amatriciana. The pasta dish was a lesson in simplicity and absolutely superb.
Daniele is very passionate about his food and his teaching is really quite inspiring. One of the students doesn't eat tomatoes which Ill Maestro handled pretty tactfully considering the tomato is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine.
Next week's class will focus on Biscotti and Osso Buco.


Annie and Steve said...

Will you be planting tomatoes in you're vegie patch?
Learning to cook Italian and not liking tomatoes would be a bit like learning to cook Chinese and not liking rice Wouldn't it?

Annie and Steve said...

Would love the recipe for Tira Misu