Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lesson #2 with the FBI

Learnt some more staples of Italian cuisine last night with Daniele. Daniele very charmingly stresses he is a "full born Italian" or FBI and has been classically trained in Italy. Daniele likes acronyms, one of his printed recipes calls for EVOO and MB was completely mystified, turns out it's extra virgin olive oil, obvious really.
Last night it was Osso Buco, Risotto alla Milanese and Biscotti. The Osso Buco was served with the Risotto and was superb. Risotto is a fairly tricky dish to make so it was good to learn the proper technique. MB however did manage to toast the rice in the first stage and thought it was ruined, but thankfully it turned out fine in the end.
The Biscotti were amazingly easy, again this is something MB has struggled with in the past.
You really can't beat learning by doing. Next week it's seafood dishes, including the ever popular calamari.


Annie and Steve said...

Top marks to you if you can turn out good Risotto. I had it once and it was slosh - never again!
Admittedly not at an Itie restaurant.
Maybe they just couldn't do it.
Keen to try yours, maybe my faith will be restored.

Annie and Steve said...

Hearing of you cooking adventures wants to have us dashing back to Cairns.
Cooking in the van is limited of course.
Makes us keen to get in our new abode. Abode? - yes well.