Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Banana Fritter Day

The MB family got to enjoy some calorie laden banana fritters and ice cream today as it's JB's birthday (MB's late father). You guessed it, JB's favourite dessert was banana fritters. His favourite meal was a couple of lamb chops cooked in lots of extra fat, a real Aussie classic. He was also a huge fan of freshly shucked natural oysters. A more formal commemoration would have to include all of the above food items (in a room filled with "Drum" cigarette smoke of course!)
MB always has a chuckle when she remembers her Dad returning to Oz after his first trip to Hong Kong and exclaiming that none of the Chinese restaurants there had banana fritter on the menu, he was awfully taken aback. MB could just imagine him winging his way to Hong Kong and dreaming of banana fritters every time he ate out in HK.

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Paul said...

Wow, that brings back memories. I think Banana Fritter Day is an excellent idea - just wish I could get some here in HK.