Wednesday, February 04, 2009


MB was forced to buy the Cairns Post yesterday as she had a long wait at the Doctor's (she may have Dengue Fever).
The Cairns Post doesn't appear to hold to any rigorous standards with regard to factual reporting, literacy and grammar but it seems the good folks at the CP are trail blazing the use of a new word, "Keenie".
An enraged husband* from Machans Beach accused his female neighbour of having a lesbian affair with his wife and stated "She was denying the fact that she had a keenie on my wife."
Apparently this came about when the hapless neighbour sent a thank you card to Mrs & Mrs Enraged Husband and failed to write His name in the card.

Naturally MB googled "keenie" as she hadn't come across this before and came up with the following at:
It appears the Urban Dictionary editors may have to add a second definition. BTW this site has an hilarious definition of "AFL"

*Husband Attacks Lesbian Love Rival, Cairns Post 3 Feb 09

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