Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Meal - What would you choose?

MB had an epiphany at the dinner table tonight, if she was ever on death row she would unreservedly request her last meal as follows; medium rare roast rack of lamb, infused with fresh rosemary & garlic, with oven roasted pumpkin, oven roasted potatoes or mashed dutch creams with a liberal helping of freshly picked and lightly sauteed baby broccoli.  
Dessert would be a little difficult to choose, perhaps a duet of petite serves of crème brûlée and tiramisù plus some fresh plump cherries.  
Of course, a nicely chilled crisp dry champagne would be a lovely accompaniment, especially with the hangover issue solved.

1 comment:

The Chosen One said...

Double quarter-pounder, no onion, extra cheese

Vienetta for dessert