Saturday, December 01, 2012

Shanghai, Nanjing Rd

Day 3 in Shanghai - Heading up Nanjing Road from the Bund.  Guessing the Apple store is legit...
Part of Nanjing Road is closed to traffic, lots of interesting shops along here and not overly crowded. 
Walked up to Peoples Square and visited the Shanghai Musueum (free entry), well worth a visit. We saw some fascinating Chinese artefacts on display and also stumbled on a visiting exhibition from the Moscow Kremlin Museum, works of Carl Faberge no less.  This was a stunning display which included four intricate eggs, amongst other treasures, one egg celebrated the opening of the Trans-Siberian Express with a solid gold miniature wind up train inside the egg.
Got into trouble taking photos of the Faberge collection!  Photo here shows a gold spectacle case with tiny portraits of the Tsar's children.  Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.

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