Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Bund

Wow, first day in Shanghai dawned cool and clear, perfect for a promenade on the iconic Bund.  Not ready to tackle the Metro so caught a taxi from Citidines.  Had an idea to get a ferry from the Pudong side across to the Bund on the Puxi side so asked the concierge at Citidines to write down the name and address of the Pudong ferry terminal.
Must have lost something in translation as the taxi took us across the water on the bridge with a huge corkscrew exit and straight the Bund.

It was a beautiful day so did lots of walking and exploring this beautiful area.  Stumbled on an area that was teeming with brides & grooms being photographed. Had our first roast duck meal at a Chinese restaurant on the Bund, the first of many excellent meals.

Discovered the amazing Fairmont Peace Hotel later, a truly lovely art deco gem built by a Sassoon in the 1930's.   Coffee at Victor's Deli in the Peace Hotel went very well with the great ambience.

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