Sunday, January 01, 2006

First day of 2006

A truly memorable New Year's Day in Sydney, a massive heatwave had us sizzling at 44c. If MB received a dollar each time MDR said "Bloody hell it's hot!" she'd be very well off indeed. The hottest first day of January on record.

Our strategy to escape the toe-curling heat was to go to the Mall for lunch and a movie, so we plugged Darlene in, told her to take us to Ultimo and drove over to Broadway Mall (one of the few Malls open on New Year's day). Quite a few others had the same idea too, but it wasn't as overrun as expected. There was a queue at the cinema, so we queued up for tickets to catch a movie after lunch.

We found a Japanese restaurant in the centre, Tomodachi. By then it was after 1:30pm and MB was feeling pretty hungry (which also translates as "grumpy"), if she had to wait any longer for her lunch she would have cracked. After a bit of a wait getting our order in we had a very good lunch, excellent in fact, their lunchboxes are great value.

Went back to the cinema to see a new British movie starring Judi Dench "Mrs Henderson Presents". The cinema was packed and the air-conditioning wasn't working, so after 20 mins we gave up and left. The cinema folks, to their credit, gave us a bunch a free tickets instead of a refund.

After a bit of a browse we thought we'd try our luck at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. We were lucky to get a parking spot close to the entrance, just walking from the car to the Museum was an exercise in endurance, the intensity of the heat was astounding. The Maritime Museum had a special Viking exhibit which was rather good, even better though was the air-con!

The heat didn't let up until a cool change arrived at 9:30pm, the temp. rapidly dropped from 41c at 9pm to 20 something after the change. This change bought gusty winds, which were nearly cyclonic in intensity, causing lots of trees to fall over and other wind damage throughout NSW.

MB was so worried about the pussycats at Frenchs, but they made it through the scorcher unscathed and definitely didn't lose their appetites.


MB said...

It's raining in Syd. today and now MDR is exclaiming "bloody hell it's cold!"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like its going to be a hot year! - Corinne