Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mt Kosciuszko

Two milestones today; MB turned 43 and walked to the summit of Australia's highest mountain.
The digicam ran out of battery after only one photo on the trail, godammit. The walk is amazingly comfortable, y
ou catch a chairlift at Thredbo which takes you up the steep part and then there is a wonderful wide track made of raised metal grating. The 13km round trip to the summit takes 4 hours. There's even a portaloo about 1.5km from the summit!
Warmish day, strong headwind walking up, and a tailwind on the way down. The cold wind froze MB's ears and she had to use her overshirt as a scarf to hold her hat brim over her ears, so that she resembled an asian fishwife. MB did a search for some more photos taken on the trail but could only find this funny post about the same walk, from a Taiwanese blogger, poor chappie didn't know about the chairlift.
MDR in the photo feeding squashed march flies to the little fish in the babbling brook.

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