Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank God for ABC Radio

Six weeks on the road finished last night at around 11pm when MDR & MB rolled back into Cairns. The final leg yesterday from Rockhampton was nearly 12 hours (with meal breaks). Being able to listen to the ABC is a godsend when you're captive in the car, yesterday on the Book Show (RN), we listened to the author Simon Nasht, who has just released a biography of Hubert Wilkins. If you have heard of Wilkins then you are way ahead of this blogger. Simon Nasht has written a biography of this amazing Australian. Cairns Library has bought a copy, MB is second in the queue so she''ll be reading this one soon.


blues buffett said...

I agree that ABC is life-supporting, not on life support. I tend to tune into NewsRadio (AM 630 in Sydney), plus selected 702BL broadcasters eg Richard Glover for drive. I'm still waiting for my favourite (Clive Robertson) to reappear somewhere. Apparently he was due for a chat on Sunrise this morning.
I recall the wonderful breakfast shows he did in the early 80s. Can't think WHY he ever married Penny Cook !
Eheu fugaces labuntur anni

MB said...

Long Live Aunty