Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The ol' Homestead in Cooma

The road today trip took us from Canberra to Jindabyne. Stopped at Cooma for a major nostalgia trip for MDR. Pictured is the first house he ever lived in, MDR visited the new occupants and had a bit of a yarn with them.
We had a good look all over town and visited all of his old haunts, including the Savoy Cinema and the Barbershop which are apparently unchanged from the 1960's.
We were going to have a giant burger at the shop recommended by Sue Greb but after our "snack" at Bungendore at 11am we couldn't eat for about 8 hours. Portion control at the cafe we visited in Bungendore is a very foreign concept! Bungedore is another charming little old town near Canberra. It has some great secondhand bookshops and also a fantastic art and timber work gallery.

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Ummm.... Wood!