Sunday, January 08, 2006

Neutral Bay

I love Neutral Bay. We are not more than 100m from scores of restaurants and every other sort of shop and facility, even the Sydney Harbour Bridge is nearby. Taronga Park Zoo is nearby too.

Last night we went to the movies at the Orpheum on Military Rd, the most gorgeous art-deco cinema I've ever seen, which is only 10mins away by foot. Got to see Mrs Henderson Presents, a great new British movie with Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. After the movie we walked back and had to agonize over where to grab some dinner, ended up going to a gourmet pizza place, after seeing their beautiful pizzas through the windows on diners' tables, we weren't disappointed either.

Sure it's noisy here, we're one block back from Military Rd which is a major feeder to the City and we have Neutral Bay Fire Station nearby, but we're getting used to it!

After I lost my mobile phone I merely had a take a 2 minute walk up to Military Road and get a new one at the Telstra shop. I didn't have to worry about the traffic and car parking and best of all no waiting in a queue in the shop. The chap in the shop was incredibly helpful, he virtually re-furbished my old Nokia brick on the spot (at no charge) so it wouldn't keep switching itself off.

We caught a ferry to Neutral Bay yesterday from Circular Quay in the city. At the Neutral Bay Wharf is a little restaurant called "Thelma & Louise", we hadn't had lunch so stopped in there for a marvellous seafood lunch while seated on a deck over the water. Perfectly nice day with a gentle breeze, just heavenly. After lunch we caught the bus at the door that took us up the hill back to Military Rd, really could have walked it (I won't make any lame excuses here).

So yes we are really enjoying all those big city conveniences, great public transport and taxis, public spaces, shopping, people watching and I guess, lots of pollution too! Speaking of public spaces the Sydney Library in the old Customs House opposite Circular Quay is absolutely stunning, has to be seen to be believed.

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