Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Beginning of Time

MB has done it again, upsetting her fellow tourists by straddling the GMT Meridian to get this photo, you can just see her volleys at the top of the pic. MB thought the group of Asian tourists standing on the Line were there for a photo, turns out they were queuing up to get a photo in front of the sculpture at the end of the Meridian Line, then MB shambles over and queue jumps to take this shot. MB was duly ticked off by a feisty Irish visitor, however, after jostling the crowds all day MB confesses she was actually pretty pleased with herself, finally getting the upper hand - shocking attitude really...

MB & MDR chose the Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend to visit the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, along with about half a million others. The observatory overlooks very expansive grounds and some very majestic naval buildings on the Thames waterfront. The grounds were packed with frolicking folk enjoying the late summer sun.

After a powernap on the lawn the duo returned to their hotel via the pedestrian tunnel which goes under the Thames across to the area west of Canary Wharf, from there they walked the Thames path to the wharf and caught a ferry back to their hotel opposite Canary Wharf.

Dinner last night was in Chinatown, this meant a tube trip into Leicester Square. Finding Chinatown from the tube station was a real challenge, ended up in Soho, eventually stumbed onto the entrance to Chinatown before MDR & MB came to blows, both frazzled and hungry by this time. An Asahi beer and an iced green tea in a funkly little Japanese restaurant restored both to good spirits.

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