Friday, August 31, 2007

Roman London

MB caught the tube today to Liverpool St to visit the London Museum and the Guildhall Museum. The crumbling wall in the photo is a remnant of the old Roman Wall built in around 200AD. MB would not have found this fascinating site without the help of an excellent Roman London walk downloaded from the BBC website.

The Guildhall Musuem has an amazing art collection and in the basement they have excavated the foundations of a Roman ampitheatre, complete with wooden drains, amazing that the timber has survived nearly 2000 years.

Even more amazing is the fact that the many Roman ruins were only uncovered after the blitz in WWII. The London Musuem also has a fantastic collection Roman artifacts, including some beautiful examples of Roman mosaics, glassware and a complete limestone crypt with a lead coffin. The quality and workmanship has to be seen to be believed.

Last stop was a walk through Spitalfields Markets, lots of interesting antiques stalls, even saw one selling Roman iron signet rings found with a metal detector. Have to wonder though if these are genuine as the seller claims...


Anonymous said...

You are having fun, as always great to read and whilst reading one has the feeling of walking with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi VT, you are such a Gem! I haven't gotten to Coin St yet. I forgot to mention in this post that I felt like a VIP at the Guildhall Museum today, I didn't see another visitor whilst I was there...MB