Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Serenity meets Industry

Visited Morden Hall Park today, a lovely National Trust property in South London. After the obligatory couple of kilometres being lost we eventually found the entrance, once inside we were in another world of beautiful grounds, babbling brooks and fragrant beds of roses.
Finally saw some other folks eating blackberries today (there are wild blackberries everywhere which seem to be totally ignored by the locals), when we got closer we discovered they were fellow tourists, Japanese to boot.
After walking through the grounds and the small farm of this rural idyll, we exited into an ugly industrial area, quite a rude shock after the serenity of the park.
To get to this property we took the tube from Elephant & Castle Tube Station, which we reached by bus. The area surrounding this station is really reminiscent of a ghetto, lots of grotty buildings with garage doors protecting grimy little shopfronts and lots of guys loping around in hoodys. Don't think we'll be rushing back there anytime soon.

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