Thursday, August 23, 2007

Windsor Castle

MDR & MB took the train from Waterloo to Windsor today to visit Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Castle, the longest continuously occupied castle in the world. Needless to say this very imposing castle, which dominates the small village of Windsor, is spectacular, surrounded by beautiful green parklands and containing priceless art and plunder. Yes you read correctly, plunder, from vanquished states, mostly in India. The standout for MB was a massive solid gold Tiger's head.

After touring the castle it was decided to visit the giftshop for some postcards. Airline luggage restrictions preclude the Aussie tourists from buying anything substantial. Inside the giftshop MB took a photo of MDR then was pounced on by a surly sales assistant who demanded immediate deletion of the photo due to copyright restrictions and the fact that it was a charitable organisation, she then flounced off before MB could delete the photo (above).

The very charming small village of Windsor which is so quintessentially English was teeming with tourists, reminded MB of Kuranda. Did a walk through the High Street then down to the Thames River, which is much smaller and calmer by the time it reaches Windsor and very picturesque with the white swans following the tourists for food. Windsor is a great day trip from London, approx. 50 minutes by train, highly recommended.

Bank Holiday Weekend coming up so the roads will be chaos, might be best to hang out in London this weekend.

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Paul said...

Good job - pissing off the British already and you've only been there a few days!