Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Cult of the Amateur

MB has just read the very thought provoking New Media article from last Sunday's SMH Spectrum supplement. Rather discouraging to a simple blogger, however MB does feel empathy with Andrew Keen. Isn't this just another symptom of the universal "dumbing down" of every facet of our day to day lives?
We are all, generally, enjoying amazing prosperity with the cult of the celebrity seemingly the pinnacle we all aspire to. The raft of so called reality TV programs is one pointer to this. In reality these programs couldn't be further from the truth, composed and edited to suit some mediocre producer, media company as well as the advertisers who are spruiking stuff we don't need.
Our culture seems to have developed to a point where one is not required to take responsibility for one's actions. This has seeped into our education system and many of our young people are graduating basically as "airheads", those folk who believe that if it's on television, the internet, or published in print, it must be true.
On a day to day basis one is confronted with colleagues, public servants, retail staff etc. who have very little understanding of what they're doing and even worse, so oblivious they don't know their shortcomings and their effect on the rest of us.
Amazingly though the airheads stumble along, no matter how inefficient or inept they are, due is no small part, MB feels, to our relative prosperity. Can't wait for the wheel to turn.......


blues buffett said...

hmmm.... web 2.0 technology commenting on criticism of web 2.0, followed by a web 2.0 comment. This is spiralling out of control...
One things for sure - wikipedia ain't the font of all knowledge. My eldest daughter can verify this, through the simple experiment of posting a ludicrous article and seeing how long it lasted (too long). My own view is that the internet is great for massaging ego's, as it costs little to publish crap. And then quote that crap as support for a crap argument.
As Jan Brady said "Marcia!Marcia!Marcia!"


England beckons, and you can at least feel reassured that some of the young generation is worth saving - what a brilliant attack (and what a spineless person to attack)

Hope all is well and the trip preps are proceeding according to plan.

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