Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Pinnacle of Fan-ness

MB kept close to base today, Tube strike yesterday caused huge disruptions with tube lines still suffering big delays and the roads are bedlam. Waited until after 10am and hopped on the bus near the apartment (new digs are splendid by the way) to do some sightseeing in Greenwich which is only about 5klm away. Bus ride was nice and quick, about 15 mins.

Visited the Fan Museum, a very small and charming display in a two storey townhouse. If you ever have any questions on fans MB will be able to assist, she saw fans made of wood, tortoiseshell, paper, mother-of-pearl, slate, bamboo, fabric, ivory, whalebone and others too numerous to mention.

The volunteer chappie at the desk looked as if he had the most advanced case of elevated blood pressure I've ever seen, his face and nose were blood red, either that or his skin is transparent. Of course he was a very polite and welcoming Brit, the locals mostly are wonderfully polite and friendly.

The photo shows the gorgeous Orangery at the rear of the museum, sadly not serving meals today. The Orangery is a riot of colour, all walls and ceiling decorated with a mural by Jane Barraclough.

Also got to do a full exploration of the Greenwich Royal gardens including the woods and deer park. 24c today London so the deer weren't very active, all lolling around in the sun. There are squirrels everywhere feasting on acorns, very cute.

Returning back to the apartment at 3:45pm was a bit traumatic, the 15min bus trip took an hour. Looks as if there is a trip to Dover tomorrow, MDR has to do an ad hoc sales trip. The white cliffs beckon.

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