Sunday, September 23, 2007


I wonder if the locals ever get sick of all the green? Catching my breath after hiking up this grade V hill - Sir Edmund would be proud! That's the town of Dunster in the background where we stopped for a home made Exmoor Pasty and hot coffee. En route to Conygar Tower and then back to Minehead with MB. Hiked about 5 miles this day. Apart from the amazing scenery, it was great to get some private time with MB for a chat.

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Anonymous said...

I assure you that we locals never get sick of the green. And the purples and yellows around Exmoor take even our breath away every year! (Our purple hills have even been mentioned in a hymn)
If you would like to keep an eye on how Minehead & all the surrounding areas cope with such an idealic position you can log on to our local on-line newspaper, - you can even comment, and have a link to your blog!