Thursday, September 27, 2007

Feast of the Senses

Today's visit to Osterley Park (1 hour by tube from Tower Bridge) was all that it promised and more, sweeping vistas, idyllic scenery, stately buildings and good weather. The house is a true showpiece, retaining most of it's original furniture, interior decoration, soft furnishings, ancient coin collections, swords and silverware. For those who appreciate symmetry and minimalist interiors Osterley House is for you.

Whilst touring the house, a cross-eyed, slightly hyperactive National Trust volunteer latched onto MB and insisted on accompanying her through the grand hall, he loftily pointed out the mirror image arrangement of the furniture and offered his opinion that it was all very obsessive. MB responded by telling him how much she was relishing the symmetrical arrangements and even offered up her old chestnut of "symmetry is everything" which she used to great effect with her staff when running her own business.

The property also produces fresh produce which is sold at their very own farm shop. The produce is also used in the on-site cafe and MB enjoyed a very nice courgette, goat cheese and mint crumble for lunch.

If you're ever in London you won't be disappointed by a visit to this property, it really has something for everyone.

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