Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mum's the Word

Big day for MB today, went to the matinee at St Martin's theatre to see The Mousetrap, as you can see from the photo it's a very long running play, 52 years to be precise.

MB was lucky to make the play as she'd taken a trip in the morning on a Routemaster Bus to Paddington. These are the old double decker London buses with the open doorway in the back, much more fun. Anyway the plan was to walk back via Oxford Street but the pull of all those department stores was too much and caused a last minute panic. MB took the Tube to Leicester Square but of course couldn't find the theatre when she emerged disoriented from the underground, started asking for directions, first person she asked turned out to be a fellow Aussie, next one was a shop assistant (Polish?), MB had to find the 7 Dials, luckily the shop assistant knew where that was as she had never heard of the theatre. MB finally made with a minute to spare, bothered and breathless as the ticket stated no late entry.

The play was very charming and the performances were stellar, very polished indeed. At the end of the play the audience was implored to keep the secret of whodunnit to ensure the longevity of the show.

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