Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The fab four (or should that be the flab four?) went out last night for dinner at a local Rotherhite restaurant called Simplicity (1 Tunnel Road, Rotherhite, SE16 4JJ, 020 7232 5174

MB had spotted this relatively new place while visiting the Brunel Museum recently and we'd also heard good things from the barman next door at The Angel.

Squeezed into our good clothes and headed over to try in out. Nice cozy restaurant and a full house - bit of a surprise for a Tuesday night and probably a surprise for the one waiter. Good modern Brit food with the roast rump of Welsh lamb the standout.

By ten o'clock the team were ready to hit the sack - sadly reminding us that we are not teenagers anymore. Meal for four with a few glasses of wine came to about GBP100 - very good value I thought - and definitely would go back.


pauly said...

I would certainly like to try some of the Spanish reds from their "Wine Shop" menu!

It's good to hear you are enjoying the most important part of a holiday - food & beverage.

pauly said...

By the way, seen many Aussie wines for sale over there? (not including goon casks)