Saturday, September 22, 2007

Butlin's - Industrial Strength Holidays

This sums up for MB the major recreation at Butlin's. Perhaps a bit unfair, there are lots of kiddie activities too, mini theme park, heated pool and water slides etc.

PB remembers Butlins being featured in the 70's movie "Tommy". Judging by the size of the resort MB guesses it's a major institution in holiday making in the UK. There are hundreds of rooms, arranged in very utilitarian low rise blocks that resemble a gulag (Thanks SB). The restaurants are huge and look just like school cafeterias.

The entertainment "tent" is where it all happens, bars, clubs, pool halls, gaming machines etc. The team visited the on-site Irish pub one evening for a trivia night, however only karaoke was on offer, much to SB's delight. SB got up on stage and did a stirring rendition of Shania Twain's "Gonna Getcha" (?). The other attraction in the bar was a Maygay Poker machine, 10p wagers with the possibility of a £5 jackpot. MDR is of the opinion that all prospective male guests at Butlin's should not visit unless they have had a very close crew cut.

The timeshare apartments are a new development in one corner of the complex. The team were one of only 2 or 3 parties staying in the timeshare block, this ensured the concierge staff were extremely friendly and helpful. PB & SB borrowed a playstation and trivia quiz game with 4 handsets and the Trivia Challenge was on. MB has been the unchallenged queen for 2 years and managed to hold on to her lead by winning the first game, but was upset by SB winning the next game. SB won again the following night so the mantle has now been passed to him.

The depleted team (minus MDR & SB) decided after 5 days at Minehead to return to London via Bath, overnighting there. Grace had been there a couple times before with organised tours and declared Bath only had really boring old stuff. However she very graciously agreed that PB & MB should check it out.

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