Thursday, July 20, 2006

Origami Zoo

Just got my home office back today and found this charming origami zoo on my desk, courtesy of Denpa, Shigei and Yama, three japanese visitors who've been occupying my study for the past week. They are school chums of Paul's from when he was on student exchange in Japan.
Such a sweet gesture. Can you imagine a trio of holidaying teenage Aussie boys making an origami zoo for their host?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another Triumph in the Kitchen

On Sunday night son of MB produced a superb Roast Pork with lovely crackling and all the trimmings. Daughter of MB also contributed a gorgeous steamed plum pudding for dessert. Don't you just love all those heart stopping winter foods.... Tonight it was Burritos, a welcome light change to the rather heavy, but nice, roast dinner the night before.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Challenge Begins

Son of MB has promised to cook for the family for 7 straight nights in return for his Mumsy mowing the lawn for his sister (the new Mum). Mumsy finds this highly amusing and can't help snickering each time she recalls Son of MB negotiating a deal so he could avoid doing the dreaded lawnmowing.
Last night was the first night with the new chef and a relatively easy meal, home made pizza (including home made yeast dough). The pizzas were very good, but the dough wasn't quite right, not quite sure what went wrong there. The only thing missing was anchovies but Mumsy and MDR were in the minority in that regard.
Looking forward to tonight's dinner, as yet no information to hand on what will be served. Sunday night will be roast night, Mumsy bagged a huge leg of roast pork on Friday at Woolies which nearly gave the the checkout chicklette a hernia.