Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just call her Flo

MB can claim to be a fair dinkum Queenslander now that she's mastered Pumpkin Scones. First born daughter has dropped in three whole pumpkins over the course of a week from a friend on an acreage who is has them coming out of his ears.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fuming Smokers

At last the vice is closing. Smokers are choking on the news that the Department of Health is to ban smoking breaks.
MB is surprised at the malevolent reaction by smokers reported in the media to this so called infringement of their civil rights. Smokers are still able to smoke in their own time, ie at lunch time or morn. & a/noon tea time, in their designated outdoor area are they not?
Currently smokers in the workplace essentially get as many smoking breaks of indeterminate length as they like. How is this fair to non-smokers?
MB calculates that smokers spend at least 40 minutes of their employer's time per day ducking out for a smoke and a gossip with the other puffers. This equates to 3.3 hours per week or 173 hours per annum (4.3 weeks).
How about paying non-smokers a loading equivalent to at least 4 weeks' wages per annum? This will compensate the non-smokers for keeping the wheels of commerce going while their smoking colleagues are paid to pollute their bodies and the air around the entryways & exits to their workplace.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Cannonball Tree (Couroupita Guianensis)

MB spotted this amazing tree, a native of South America, on the Cairns' Esplanade this morning on her way for a chinwag and coffee at the new Cocoa Amour on the Esplanade.
The fruit are as big as bowling balls and very heavy. The pink flowers are also very showy.
There is also one of these trees at the Flecker Botanic Gardens in Cairns, however the one on the Esplanade is far more spectacular. It has to be the weirdest tree one could ever see.