Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Night in Twisted River

MB has just received notification from her Library that the new novel by John Irving, Last Night in Twisted River, has arrived and is available for collection. MB will be the first borrower so she'll be able to caress this new book and drink in that crisp just bought fragrance. MB is positively salivating at the thought of burying herself in another of John Irving's spellbinding tales. Ever since discovering this author when she read The Cider House Rules, MB has sought out every book by John Irving and with the exception of The Water Method Man, has never been disappointed. Some of the recurring themes through Irving's stories are New England & Maine, bears, tortured relationships and of course very complex characters. His multi-layered story telling genius really makes you feel as if you are there inside the story and his humour has MB laughing out loud - to MB this is truly a marker for a great read.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shinto Stool

HTML MessageHot out of "The Shed", MDR's latest creation, a pair of Shinto style bar stools, a Christmas gift for PTA & his beloved Mamiko.
As usual MDR has lavished a great deal of time - and sweat - to craft these works of art and not one nail has been used. The timber used is Cairns Pencil Cedar, from a tree that was felled in nearby Kamerunga about two years ago. The stools are finished with a clear matt oil based seal, unstained.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Fun Day at the MRF aka The Dump

Cairns Regional Council opened up the Materials Recycling Facility today which was a great chance to take little Levi, the would be rubbish truck driver. This 3yr old is completely obsessed with rubbish trucks, wheelie bins and any other rubbish related item. He loved seeing the conveyor belts that sort the recyclables, and amazingly enough he even spotted some empty milk bottles from home that he had put in his recycle bin!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Banana Pecan Muffins

Mr & Mrs MB have been very lucky to share in their neighbours', John & Teresa's, bounty of home grown bananas. These bananas have been just delightful, so full of flavour they leave the shop bought fruit a million miles behind.
After watching Tony Bourdain today MB was inspired to make some banana muffins with a difference and here are the results, the muffins also have bits of dark chocolate in them as well, so MB could clear some lonely looking chocolate from the fridge. Bon Appetit!