Sunday, July 29, 2007

Freaky Fungi

For some unknown reason MB is always fascinated with the fungi that grows on dead trees. She spotted a fallen log this morning at Mt Whitfield that had at least 3 different varieties of fungi growing on it, one colourful variety was nearly as bright as dayglo orange. If only we could grow that other dead wood loving fungus, shiitake, in our climate, alas too hot in FNQ for this delicacy.

Tour de Taste

Luckily someone in the MB household is interested in sport. MDR has been following the Tour de France on our excellent multicultural TV station, SBS. This same network sent Gabriel Gate, one of MB's food heroes, over to France where Gabriel presented regionally themed food segments for each stage of the TDF. Naturally MB missed all of this on the telly but SBS have very thoughtfully published all of the segments on the net. Well worth a look, very comprehensive with vodcasts and recipes.

Highlights of MB's week so far: MB found some Japanese men's deodorant whilst spring cleaning youngest son's abandoned bedroom. This amazing product claims 'sterilization' as one if it's key benefits. Wonder if this is affecting the birth rate in Japan?

Another highlight - only 2 more days to go at work, then two month's holiday. Other good news is that the latest blood test was done at the wrong time of day, MB is getting another test to hopefully eliminate the adrenal issue that MB's GP referred her to a specialist for.

Sunday morning MDR & MB did the Red Arrow walk at Mt Whitfield, then dropped in for another backyard blitz session at FBD's, training her on the whipper snipper, then all hands on deck for some earthworks to convert a disused garden bed back to lawn. So much easier doing these jobs in the relative cool of winter in the Tropics.

Sunday lunch was steak sandwiches
with fresh rocket from the garden and caramelised onions. The steak was the tail end of a 6.7kg Teys Bros grain fed rump MB picked up during the week. MDR then succumbed to a snooze session on the sofa.

Otherwise MB is rather preoccupied with planning for a one month stay in London with MDR, who is travelling there to supervise offloading and commissioning of the rivercats on the Thames. It would be very fair to say that MB is tremendously enthusiastic about her first trip to the UK, really her head is spinning with the excitement of it all.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pork & Lentils Brittany Style

One of our most popular family meals which was passed down to MDR from his Grandmere:

375 Grams Brown Lentils (the French Puy Lentils are the nicest)
500 Grams chopped pork trimmed of all fat (better to use cheaper cuts)
750 ml Tomato puree
1 Large Onion, finely chopped
4 Carrots, peeled and chopped
2-4 Litres Chicken stock
Bouquet Garni - preferably fresh Lemon Thyme/Parsley/Celery leaves
Pepper to taste

Wash the lentils, no need to soak. Melt off some of the pork fat, brown the chopped pork, add chopped onions and carrots, fry until golden.

Add the Stock, Tomato Puree, Bouquet Garni and Lentils and bring to a simmer. Add some pepper to taste.

Simmer and leave covered for around 60-90 minutes adding stock or water as needed to keep it similar to a casserole consistency. Do not add salt until just prior to serving. Ready to serve when the lentils are soft. Bon Appetit.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

At last a movie about a Font!

MB heard recently, via an ABC Radio podcast, of a new movie length documentary about the Helvetica font. From the amount of people who use that most ugly of fonts, which is also the default Microsoft font, Times New Roman, MB is fairly certain this new movie is not going to be a blockbuster. It does appear worth a look though even if you're vaguely interested in design and the evolution of typefaces.