Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Meal - What would you choose?

MB had an epiphany at the dinner table tonight, if she was ever on death row she would unreservedly request her last meal as follows; medium rare roast rack of lamb, infused with fresh rosemary & garlic, with oven roasted pumpkin, oven roasted potatoes or mashed dutch creams with a liberal helping of freshly picked and lightly sauteed baby broccoli.  
Dessert would be a little difficult to choose, perhaps a duet of petite serves of crème brûlée and tiramisù plus some fresh plump cherries.  
Of course, a nicely chilled crisp dry champagne would be a lovely accompaniment, especially with the hangover issue solved.

Retail Dissatisfaction

Picked up 4 x engraved plaques from Trophy shop for MDR today.  Trophy Guy said they'd be ready at midday. MB arrives 12:30 and only gains entry to the shop after some major unavoidable passive smoking compliments of the smokers huddled just outside the entrance.  TG hands over one plaque.
MB asks about the other 3, TG looks startled then exclaims no worries will do them now.  MB asks how long? TG asks why.
At this point MB wants to:
a. Point out that if it took 3 days to do one plaque then one may
    reasonably expect an even longer time to complete the other
    three plaques.
b. Remind him of the collection time he promised
c. Ask him if he has a quality assurance system in place
d. Tell him that the last thing she wants to do is stand around in his dusty, pokey shop surrounded by cheap, tacky trophies
However she politely responds that she's on her lunch hour. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ABC Far North Outside Broadcast

MB helped out at Freshwater QCWA Hall this morning to set up for an ABC local radio outside broadcast from the Hall.  MB was amazed that one person, Fiona Sewell, host of the ABC Far North mornings program, was able to set up the entire broadcast.
A fund raising morning tea for the Cancer Society was also on offer, so MB did get to help out with that.
This special event was convened to award a prize for the best bush poetry composition, a competition that has been running for the most of the year.  Not sure who won but MB really enjoyed Jeff Mann's "Cropsitter" poem.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Credit Cards & Overseas Transactions

Using one's credit card overseas used to be a fairly straight-forward process, nowadays however the banks are forever dreaming up all sorts of ways to charge extra transaction fees to supplement the cut they already receive from currency conversions. has some good forums on this subject and one post in particular provides an excellent link to the US based Mastercard Currency Conversion Tool.
This tool was created to assist Mastercard customers in Europe to comply with regulations that ensure transparency of exchange rate information.   MasterCard has extended the range of currencies to assist customers and their cardholders globally, so it's also useful for us downunder.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get ready to Celebrate!

The Australian Taxation Office turns 100 in November 2010.
Australia Post are releasing a commemorative stamp on 27 July 2010 with a stimulating depiction of what appears to be a Doctor reading a file.  It's probably some tax minimisation investment proposal from her accountant which will turn out to be a ponzi scheme.  And what's with the chap pushing a wheelbarrow?  Must be needed to move the loot into the vaults.  There's also a person writing on a blackboard, brainstorming new and creative ways to collect more tax perhaps?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Latest Project

MDR's latest project, hand crafted trophies for the CUA.  He's designed a silhouette style trophy using Cairns Pencil Cedar.