Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Swedish Perry

Found a delightful tipple at the First Choice liquor store in Cairns last week.  First time MB has ever found Pear Cider on sale in Australia.  
It's a very nice drop called Rekorderlig, highly recommended.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pho First House Vietnamese Genuine Cuisine

MB happened upon a new Vietnamese restaurant today in Cairns' city. She was visiting the excellent Green House next door for a spot of gift shopping and it transpires that Pho First House Vietnamese Genuine Cuisine (PFHVGC) has been open for about a week and a half.  MB asked Green House lady if she'd been, but alas she's a vegan so unable.
Cairns has been crying out for decent Vietnamese food for years so hopefully this new spot will fill that need.  
There is a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant in Aplin St that MDR & MB visited once, the so-called Vietnamese dishes were dreadful so haven't been back.
MB did drop in to the PFHVGC and picked up a menu, not off to a great start with such a mouthful of name and the menu is pretty basic.  However if they can deliver on super fresh, genuine Vietnamese cuisine MB will forgive them anything.