Sunday, January 07, 2007


The MB family were jolted out of their soporific holiday mood today with this gruesome discovery in the backyard. That's right, it's a snake skin draped along the top of the fence, left there courtesy of one quite large python. Brother of MB thinks the skin has been put there to stage this shot. You can rest assured this snake skin has been untouched by human hands and besides it has hordes of green ants swarming all over it, these ants pack a nasty bite.
Just last week our local newspaper featured a story of 3 pythons ravaging a chicken coup, feasting on around 25 chickens over a short period of time. They were caught in the chicken coop after swallowing a few too many chickens, this increased their girth, making them too wide to escape through the hole they made to get in.
The MB family will be making sure the house is in complete lockdown every night with absolutely no chinks for the pythons to slip through.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Gift that keeps on Giving

MB received her first edition of The New Yorker on 2nd Jan, the Winter Fiction issue. What an absolute delight with it's unique cover art and a veritable feast of reading. MB is very grateful to youngest son for the one year's subscription. She still can't believe she only discovered this wonderful magazine in 2006! Just goes to show there is so much out there still awaiting discovery.