Tuesday, September 08, 2009

6 Coffees a day to keep the Doctor Awake

The brains trust at Queensland Health have responded to their overworked doctors' complaints with the most novel of solutions, drink at least 6 cups of coffee a day. MB must remember if she needs to visit a Queensland hospital to take a few jumbo sized triple shot freetrade arabica beverages for the attending doctor. Of course after the lengthy wait the coffee will be stone cold - hope that still counts as a fatigue cure.
Better still MB could install a 24hr coffee vending machine at the entrance to the Emergency Department, could be a quite a money spinner...

Monday, September 07, 2009

$20,000 Toaster

If one spends $20,000 at Coles, KMart, Target and related merchants, within a 3 year period, one will be able to redeem with the points earned, 8000, for a Tefal 2 slice toaster using Flybuys points*. The toaster is probably worth around $40.00.
When MB first joined Flybuys in the early nineties the points per spend were much more reasonable but even then she could never amass enough points to redeem free air travel, which was used to market the program.
Every two to three years she was able to accrue enough points (11,000) for 12 x movie vouchers, but since the reduction to 2 points earned per $5.00 spend this is now impossible.

With points expiring after 3 years, it's well nigh impossible for MB to even reach 6,000 points, so she has taken the decision to cash in what she can (2 x $20 vouchers) and drop out of the program.
Flybuys is obviously a fantastic data collection tool for Coles but MB for one is no longer going to have her shopping habits logged for little or no recompense.
*Flybuys hot rewards August 2009