Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This Space for Rent

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of advertising on clothing and other objects? MB is a compulsive reader, if she is confronted by any letters or words she must absolutely read them, even the letters on vehicle numberplates. For a long time MB thought everybody was like this but in the course of growing up found that most folks don't have this need to read.
You can imagine MB being worn completely down by the plethora of marketing slogans, logo's and brandnames on clothing, in fact they are not just confined to clothing, they are virtually on every visible object.
MB was heartened to read a few days on a t-shirt being worn by a young Asian looking guy the following; "This Space for Rent". It's so good to see someone else has noticed and has a sense of humour.
MB predicts this blatant form of marketing will cycle eventually and in a few years we'll be back to wearing garments with much more subtle, or even covert, branding.


Anonymous said...

I saw a good t-shirt slogan the other day on carnival. It was a plain black shirt with the slogan "I'm fanydressed".

pauly said...

engrish shirts for the win!